About Janice

Janice Kelley brings a diverse portfolio of career experiences  as an accomplished writer, workshop leader and manager of award-winning community education and outreach programs. JanicePROcrop

She brings a complete package of services to assist individuals, members of community groups and organizations tell their story – spoken word, in print, within a neighborhood, park or museum. Janice is eager to assist communities develop, implement and evaluate community history projects, and other events, including being involved as a collaborator on grant funded projects.

  • A teaching artist at elementary schools and libraries, applying storytelling, writing, and field-based curriculum to develop literacy skills, to engage creative thinking and problem solving.
  • An avid fan of storytelling, she assists individuals find and tell their personal story, through community history projects, and individual writing workshops, conversation cafes and writing classes presented by Sierra College Community Services.
  • Assisting organizations with developing key messages to be used in a wide variety of marketing and informational materials; and offers the opportunity to train staff to shape the story.


Janice completed her Master of Science Degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration in Spring 2013 from California State University, Sacramento. She received the Faculty Merit Award. Janice is also trained in group facilitation methods and interpretive planning.


About Janice

Janice is an accomplished writer and passionate about sharing and telling stories of people, places and animals in the wild.
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