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If This House Could Talk Advice

September 15 – October 14, 2012

Poverty Ridge, Newtown Booth and Alhambra Triangle Neighborhoods

What happened in our neighborhoods, 2, 20 or 200 years ago? Residents, businesses and friends of the Ella K. McClatchy library are invited to create a handwritten storyboard to post in front of your house, apartment, garden, or business, that tells a little about the history of the structure, the people inside it, or some special anecdote or story that occurred in that place, sometime in the past.

If This House Could Talk was inspired by a desire to get our neighborhood talking to each other about the stories that make our neighborhood unique. We wanted to give people a voice and to create a stronger sense of community and community memories. We wanted to connect neighbor-to-neighbor, people-to-places and current residents to past residents.

Getting involved is easy.  Many of you have already participated in our workshops.

What’s next?

Draft text and images – four to five sentences max – telling some interesting tidbit, contemporary or historic, personal or public. Include reproductions of historical maps, photos and even newspaper articles. Signs should serve as creative expressions of their makers, as well as vignettes of history.

For supplies, ideas, and research assistance: Contact Maryellen Burns or Kelley Woodward — email and we’ll walk you through the process or contact the Center for Sacramento History or Sacramento Public Library can help..  Links

Pick up a blank sign by calling Joy Gee, 370-5628 and she’ll arrange to drop it off at your place. She’ll also give you some guidance about how to design  your sign  and add some artistic flourishes, if you’d like.

Copy your text onto your sign, with your street address at the bottom. Use a permanent marker!

Confirm with Kelly Woodward by Saturday, September 8, so she can add your sign to the official list. Saturday September 15 a list of sign addresses ign will be available at McClatchy Library and at (link to our site).

Post your sign in front of your house/building Saturday, September 15, by 9 am.

Join us at a community celebration and the SOCA Annual Home Tour (information) on Sunday September 16th.  A little bit about the SOCA sign.

Remove your sign, Sunday, October 14 at 5pm (unless you want to keep it up!). The signs aren’t weather proof, so keep it away from automatic sprinklers.

Join us that evening for a performance of Year of Magical Thinking, the Joan Didion play at the Wilkerson Theater, 25th Street.

Don’t have time to do your own sign? We’re willing to help and create a sign for you. We’ll also be creating signs for places in our neighborhood that we believe need to have a presence.

E-mail Janice Kelley (email) your sign text and a photo of your sign by October 17th.  All text and photographs will be posted to the If This House Could Talk blogsite (address).

For further information about ITHCT, go to:

This event is inspired by If This House Could Talk Cambridgeport, Massachusetts, with a special thanks to Cathy Zusy. It is sponsored by the National Storytelling Network, Friends of the Ella K. McClatchy Library and the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association. 

It was inspired by If This House Could Talk Cambridgeport, Massachusetts.  Creator Cathy Zusy, has generously allowed us to take the best of ITHCT and tweak it, just a little.


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