A Wolf House

Welcome to my neighborhood. This is the story of 2006 24th Street.

I am a “Redwood Bungalow.” I view the neighborhood from 2006 24th Street on Poverty Ridge in the Newton Booth Neighborhood. I am one of the first homes that was  Sacramento about 1910.   I am well-built and resemble the Craftsman style (Arts & Crafts movement) more than any other.  Today, I would be called a “Sacramento Bungalow.”  I represent a well-designed structure built with quality materials in a casual open style after the long Victorian era of formality.  It cost about $3,000 to construct all 1,700 square feet of me.  I am in great shape for being 102 years old.

In the late 1920s, my neighbor, the beautifully landscaped home next door at 2000 24th Street was built.  It is a bungalow in a similar Craftsman style to mine.

My wide and long covered front porch, raised foundation, and windows provide maximum air circulation and protection from winter rains.

The enclosed back porch was updated in the 1950s and a half bath was added.  In 1955, a detached garage was built at the back of my lot.  In the 1980s, the kitchen, upstairs bath, and central heating were updated, including wiring and plumbing.  By 2005, central air was added.  I am very comfortable with these changes.  My architectural style has been retained, both inside and out.

Philip C. Wolf was my architect and first homeowner of record. Mr. Wolf was one of the most successful contractors in Sacramento, having built more than 30 homes, including his  home at 2101 N Street.  He drew the plans for his own buildings.  His brother-in-law and neighbor, Theodore Schluckebier, was another contractor for  other city projects.

In 1902, the City of Sacramento issued bonds for water mains to distribute water to our neighborhood. This was progress!

Philip C. Wolf purchased the lot from the Amanda C. Harris estate before 1906.  By about 1910, the T Street streetcar line went along T Street to 28th Street, passing me by.  Gas and electricity were provided by PG&E.  The neighborhood in Sacramento grew once again when Oak Park was annexed to Sacramento.

So there you have it, 102 years young and a lifetime of stories to share.


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