Share Your Stories on Yard Signs

Celebrate your stories! Share a story in a paragraph, an image, or fun facts on the sign posted in your front yard for the neighborhood tour.

 “House signs can include narrative text, hand-drawn illustrations or images. The sign is a great way for neighbors to get creative in sharing their stories ” says Joy Gee, guest artist for the If This House Could Talk Community Story Project.

The purpose of the signs is to give neighbors an intriguing glance of your neighborhood’s past. Feel free to post two signs if your signs present different topics or stories about different owners. For neighbors and visitors who want to know the “bigger story,” you can post those stories on your own blog and reference the website on your signs.

Ask for help from your children, an art student or a willing neighbor if you feel intimidated by the idea of creating a “work of art” on your sign, your writing is illegible or you experience other “artistic challenges.” 

Suggested materials

  • 15” x 30” sheet Foam core board (approximate size, available at art supply stores)
  • Art supplies: colored markers, colored pencils, paint, glitter, ribbons, white or tacky glue, a hot glue gun
  • Wire sign stands to insert into board OR thin, wooden stakes to staple or tape to the back of signs

Creating the Signs

  • Individuals create signs in their own time with their own materials.
  • A neighbor opens their home for a 2-3 hour workshop and everyone who comes brings their own art materials. Make it a party by asking everyone who comes to bring something to eat.
  • A leader in the neighborhood develops an open workshop space for a morning or afternoon when people come to a church, school, library or community center to create signs at the same time. Inquire at a local art supply store if they are willing to donate art supplies or provide them at reduced cost.

About Janice

Janice is an accomplished writer and passionate about sharing and telling stories of people, places and animals in the wild.
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