What was Happening When Your House was New?

What was going on in your town, state, the nation or the world when your house was new? (or within five years)

You may have already researched the “serious” facts about your house through “serious” research. Now it’s time for a fun assignment! Many responses to the inquiries listed below are obtainable from your local library or archives, or searching the Internet.

If your neighborhood is planning a living history program to complement your neighborhood tour, some of these amazing facts could be just what you are looking for.

1930s movie poster - thereelbits.com

Books, movies, news headlines, entertainment and leisure

  • What were the popular movies? And movie stars?
  • Name popular radio shows.
  • Identify the names of best-selling books.
  • What were the cover stories of popular magazines?
  • List two or three favorite board games.
  • Name favorite songs of the year, popular performing artists and bands
  • What was the big news that made headlines locally or across the nation?
  • What did people do for fun in their leisure time? 


Breakfast cereal of 1940s-etsy.com

Cost of living

  • What was the original sale price of your home (or lot)?
  • What was the price of a gallon of gas?
  • What did gasoline pumps look like?
  • How much did a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk cost?
  • Where did people shop for their food and how often?
  • How did early residents prepare their food? What did they eat? 



1910 dresses-sensibility.com


Daily rituals

  • What was the size of an “average” middle class family?
  • How many people owned cars?
  • How many homes had a telephone?
  • What did men and women wear to work or shop.


1926 Chrysler Imperial E80 Touring-Squidoo.com


  • What big companies of today were emerging businesses when your house was new?
  • Name the latest inventions and fads. Were any of them created in your town?
  • Can you find product advertisements created during the early years of your home? Or the listings advertising homes in your neighborhood?
  • Where did people work in your town or area?

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