Becoming a House Detective

Researching your house includes far more than what the walls can tell you. Look for these posts to enhance your detective skills.

House Detective: Discovering the Story of Your House: Age, physical characteristics and architectural style, renovations, various functions of the home through its history and name of the builder.

Who Lived in Your House? Did children or pets live in the house? One Sacramento resident said her house has been home to more than 60 cats during its lifetime. What was profession of the former owners? Actors, statewide elected leaders and notable authors lived in the homes involved in the Sacramento “House Talk” project…and high profile crimes and murders that residents still remember. 

Life When Your House was New: What was life like during the year or decade when your house was built? How was life different than from modern times? What were people reading? What were the popular movies? Who were the famous stars? What did the house cost? Where did people shop? What work did people do and how much did they earn?


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