Share Stories at Neighborhood Workshops

Sampling of Sacramento If This House Could Talk Neighborhood Workshops

Open House Launch. Invite neighbors and friends for an afternoon of story sharing, conversation, and preview sample signs, house histories, photos and mementos.

Five Blocks Square blank map

Five Blocks Square. Map your neighborhood in five blocks. Who do you know? Your favorite restaurant? Where are the homes with blooming flowers or streets lined with trees? Where are the local landmarks and parks?

House Detective. Learn how to conduct an investigation of your home’s history. Who built it? What is the architectural style? What are the stories of those who lived there before you?

Our Stories. Find out how to capture the stories of those who lived, played and passed through our doors.

Capture Voice and Character-Beyond the Bones. Bring past stories to life using a various resources.

A Day in the Life –  Photography Workshop. Learn how to capture the essence of your home and neighborhood through photographs.

Writing and Poster creation workshop. An open forum for learning how to create the sidewalk sign posted during the neighborhood tour.


About Janice

Janice is an accomplished writer and passionate about sharing and telling stories of people, places and animals in the wild.
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