Project History

The homes in the Sacramento neighborhoods of Poverty Ridge, Newton Booth and Alhambra Triangle are reaching 100 years old in 2012. Many residents feel an urgency to capture the voices and stories of elderly neighbors before they are gone.

Younger owners and new residents are anxious to discover more about the history of their own homes and neighborhoods. With the recent addition of new restaurants, businesses, condos and stores to the mix of historic properties, the stories of the brewery on the corner, the smells of Mrs. Furtado’s house and other memories are in danger of being lost.

The Sacramento If This House Could Talk project is a different twist on the highly successful project of the same name launched in Cambridgeport, MA as part of their annual history day celebration. Visit the Cambridgeport Blog to learn more.


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Janice is an accomplished writer and passionate about sharing and telling stories of people, places and animals in the wild.
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